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Turtle Beach Wooden Bowl Candle

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This beautiful candle comes in a top quality, hand-carved wooden bowl! Scented strongly with an in house made fragrance, (Coconut Cashmere), this candle is PERFECT for that clean, beachy scent to remind of you of summertime vacation! It will surely make a beautiful centerpiece to any room!

This candle is double scented to produce a scent throw without even having to light it! 

DISCLAIMER: This candle is made from actual wood; Never leave this candle unattended or unsupervised while lit. 

Please keep in mind this candle is only available as a preorder. These wooden bowls are handcarved to order. Once I receive these wooden bowls from my business partner, I then make it into a candle. This entire process from the time you purchase to the time you receive this candle shipped to you will take up to 5 weeks.

Thank you!