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Love love my candles. Their amazing. I’ve had so many comments on them.

CSC’s candle bakery

I love all of my candles and wax warmers and will definitely be ordering from here again!!

Caramel Pecan Brownies

The candles are outstanding.

Orange Chiffon Cake
Cheryl Green

The candles are spectacular

I loved all of my candles and wax warmer melt I got !! They all smelled delicious and was better then I expected! Definitely recommend and will be buying from the candle bakery again!

Cereal Bowl Candles
Karen Hamilton
Cereal bowl

Phenomenal! It smells just like my childhood memories of cookie crisp! Yummmmm!!!!

Love this 1!!!!💚

This smells soooo good! Must have!!!!💜

Absolutely divine!!!! ❤️

It wasn't packaged well and the delivery drivers mishandled the package and the wax melts was ruined. It was out of the packaging and just thrown into the bottom of the usps box. I threw it away because it was melted and crushed and couldn't be used.

Alot smaller than I thought they would be

Pumpkin Roll

Absolutely love the smell

Sweet Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls Wax Melts

WV candle

I absolutely love my WV wooden bowl candle and it smells soooo good!! Your candles are amazing!! Love them!

Meaghan Barton
Cinnabon review

It succeeded my expectations! Smells amazing. Wanted to grab a fork and just dive in. But grabbed lighter instead.

Apple Cider Donuts
Angela Hicks

These little donuts are so realistic! And they smell fantastic

Beautiful Craftsman Ship

All of the items I ordered are so "life like" and smell wonderful. Unlike any other melts I have purchased. So nice to give a gift that is so totally unique! I also bought candles, they did not disappoint! This is a Small Business that is very meticulous and very particular about their products!

Juicy Pineapple Chunks Wax Melts


I am speechless! This is the first candle I have bought from the candle bakery and I must say, it has blown my mind. The smell is truly unique. I am very impressed on how strong this candle is. My den smells so good and I only lit it less than an hour ago! I will definitely be back for more!

Great Candles

Took some time to arrive but I will definitely be purchasing again! Great for gifts or personal use!

They are the best. The smell makes you want to eat some fruit loops.

Wonderful and delicious smell! The cow bowl is adorable! Well made.

They smell amazing! Don’t even need a burner if you don’t want to melt them!
They’re the cutest wax melts!

Loaf Cake Slices
Andrea Shrewsbury
Strawberry loaf cake

The strawberry loaf cakes are amazing!! They smell exactly like strawberry cake in the oven! Definitely one of my favorites!