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Absolutely love this scent, right along with my daughter!!! One bite wouldn’t hurt, right?

It smells great! Definitely recommend!

Hands down the BEST tarts ever! So happy to have found the shop!

Apple Cider Donuts
Annette Cuscovitch
Best Candles Ever!!!!

Not only are these candles adorable they smell wonderful!

Beautifully designed candles with delectable scents

I am beyond pleased with my recent purchase from CSC's Candle Bakery. Every candle & wax melt is intricately designed and the scents....WOW! I am not exaggerating when I say these are the best candles I've ever purchased. I've been an avid candle buyer for over 30 years. I look forward to seeing what the candle artists will create next.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberrys

They smell and look like the real thing! Beautiful

Cinnabun Bites
Crissy Workman
Cinnabun Bites

Absolutely love the Cinnabun Bites. The smell is amazing and the presentation is amazing!

Just like how it sounds

The smell is identical to peach cupcakes and the box comes with a lot of them and they last for a while. Love it!

These strawberries are a must have. It's unbelievable how CSC's Candle Bakery brings these to life!!!❤️

Bubblegum Candle

This candle takes me back to my childhood.... and it smells just like the bubble gum I remember!!💜

Gnome's Love Spell

Gnome candle is absolutely amazing!!! It's gorgeous and smells divine!!!💚💚

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Wax Melts

Beautiful and smells great! Will definitely purchase again

Product review

This was my first order and I must say the smell of the wax melts is wonderful! The look and presentation is amazing! I will definitely be a return customer!


Not only do they smell delicious the presentation is so adorable. Very pleased with the products!

Granny's Blueberry Hotcakes Candles

Gnome's Love Spell
Jane Cernek
Hanging with my Gnomie!

Totally adorbs!! Great scent. I dont know how I missed it when ordering, but I didn't see the little homunculus hanging out in the candle!! What a wonderful surprise! I have named him Malone Mc Gnomie......

Triple Berry Trifle
Heather Miller
TB candle

Smells delicious! But haven't burnt it yet.

Banana Pudding Candle
Tamera Bishop

Banana Pudding Candle

Banana Pudding Candle
Stephanie Whitehead
Banana pudding candle

Amazing!! Smells and looks just like banana pudding

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Extremely cute and smells like heaven!

White Chocolate+Strawberry Pretzel Wax Melts

Cinnabun Bites
Daphne Pack
Absolutely amazing

I am absolutely in love with the Cinnabun bites wax melts! They smell just like freshly baked cinnamon rolls! Definitely well worth buying! Will definitely be buying more! Fantastic job!!

Frosted Sugar Cookie Wax Melts

Delicious smell! Realistic and amazing details!

Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler